Basic technical specification:



Digital 8-channel recorder that allows you to record calls and fax transmissions from four ISDN BRI lines (“S/T” contact).

Catalog number

  • microComprec-4-4S0 – standard version

Number of channels

  • 8 channels (4 ISDN BRI “S/T” contacts)

System Administration

  • local access to all functions via USB or LAN port
  • remote access via modem (analog, ISDN, ADSL, GPRS/GSM) or LAN

Criteria to start recording

  • VOX (signal level increase)
  • ISDN signaling (picking up receiver, calling, initiating call)

Signal decoding

  • ISDN signal decoding from “D” channel (including Caller ID, numbers dialed etc.)
  • DTMF signal decoding (audio track)

Interface parameters

  • Bandwidth: 300Hz to 3400Hz; 3dB; 
  • recording phone calls, fax and data transmissions
  • stereo or mono mode
  • connection parallel to “S/T” contact