Spółka Inżynierów SIM Sp.  z o.o.  [SIM Engineering Company] from Poland is an experienced designer and provider of solutions in the field of IT and telecommunications, building automation and telemetric solutions. We specialize in digital call and e-mail recording systems. During over 27 years of market activity, we have implemented more than 8,000 systems and devices all over the world. We have been operating in the US since 2019, offering advanced solutions dedicated for integrator companies’ SME clients.

Our company was founded in 1992 by a group of five engineers, graduates of the Lublin University of Technology, specialists in the field of IT and electronics. 27 years ago, this project carried an important risk – not many domestic companies, even very large ones, were able to conduct their own research, development and IT projects. However, our company gave us a chance to carry out ambitious projects and build a team that could solve all kinds of problems in the area of wired and wireless communication, thanks to integrating electronics, telecommunications and information technology.

While undertaking further projects and developing specialized solutions for the ICT industry, we were developing our own specialized research, construction, IT, implementation and service teams, and broadening the scope of our activity.  Currently, we offer our Clients the knowledge and experience of our electronics engineers, analysts, designers, programmers, implementers, service technicians and customer service employees, so that together we can implement projects which will meet their needs.

We care about the innovative character of implemented solutions and high quality of customer service, which is why we are focused on the continuous development of our resources. Therefore, if you can effectively carry out the tasks entrusted to you and would enjoy the opportunity for personal development and implementation of your own innovative ideas, you may become a great asset in out team.

Currently, we do not carry out any recruitment processes in the US.

At the moment, we do not have any recruitments in the US.