Digital call recorders

  • Digital voice recorder for simultaneously recording of Digital and Analogue voice channels
  • The system can be configured with industrial Type 19" Rack Mount server with industrial motherboard, Double PSU - Hot Swappable (PSU 230VAC / 50Hz with temperature from 5 to 40 Celsius degrees) and TFT19", Keyboard and mouse
  • Recorders are designed to operate 24x7x365
  • Recorders can have at least 2 x USB available (for import export to external HDD all kind of data)
  • 10/100Mbps network port and all the required software (server & client software) for remote (via Ethernet network) monitoring, management, control and parameterization of the digital voice recording and also for exporting, transferring and listening of the recordings.
  • NTP synchronization of time
  • Can be configured with Raid 1 SATA  with 2x HDD with minimum 500GB each (HOT SWAP)
  • More than 50.000 recording hours in the primary storage. In case the recordings will fill up the HDD then the new recordings will replace the old ones (FIFO - First In First Out). Auto recycle method of recording
  • The system can provide the following recording methods which will be defined per recording channel:
    a) Continuous recording
    b) VOX with preamble (time before recording activation) from 0 to 5 seconds and epilogue (time after recording deactivation) from 0 to 30 seconds
    c) Off-Hook detection. Recording starts by recognizing the “off-hook” state and stops when the “on-hook” state is recognized
  • The system can provide encryption all stored voice files (either those stored in the primary storage area or backups) with a digital signature to ensure the integrity of the stored files and prevent anyone from deleting or tampering  them.
  • All required equipment and software for local listening to conversations (recorded or live)
  • Convert/export recorded conversations to WAV Format file per conversation or in bulk
  • Software with all the required licenses to play the recorded conversations and convert them to a WAV type file from the backup in case of system failure.
  • Classified access to the recorder (application) using a "User Code" (username) and
    "Password" with a choice of rights per access level. The highest level of access (Administrator) will provide access to all the rights of the recorder. The "Administrator" password will not be able to be deleted and only the possibility to change the password will be given.
  • The recorder will have and will maintain a historical file (Log File) of all important events (user access, etc.)
  • The recorder will provide the possibility of local and remote, via network, access to it
  • The recorder will be accompanied by all the software (server & client software, etc.) and licenses required for its full operation and for its local and remote network management, including the following:
    a) All licenses and software required for its remote, network management from two different Workstations.
    b) All the required licenses so that at least two (2) different users have up to full (administrator level) access rights to it, either locally or remotely.
  • The system will provide the ability of two (2)  simultaneous accesses for technical control and for listening to conversations
  • The recorder is able to search for recorded calls over with many ways like defining the channel and the recording period
  • While listening to the recorded conversations, the user will have at his disposal various tools such as: Pause Button, Fast Forward, Fast Back, Next Recording, Previous Recording, etc.
  • The system can support simultaneous pentaplex operation which will include:
    a) Live listening and playback of previous recordings
    b) Recording of all conversations/channels
    c) Archiving (backup) of hard disk files
    d) Finding previous records.
    e) Management of recorder
  • Ability to monitor, through the application's GUI, the status of each channel (Recording, Not Recording, Not used)
  • Ability to simultaneously download multiple backups (data backup) to different storage media either automatically or manually.
  • In case of failure, the system will produce a visual and audible alarm.
    The system will also provide the ability to transmit alarms related to its operation via the Ethernet network to a remote Workstation.
  • Recorder will provide the possibility of entering text for the name (Title) of each channel.
    All recordings will be performed in real time and the exported WAV files will be Date and Time stamped.
  • The recorder runs on a modern operating system
  • Recorder  has the possibility to set the retention time of the saved records, for example Fifteen (15) days.
  • Recorders can have multiple configuration for recording different type of interfaces in the same hardware solution.