Aerial correspondence recorders

With the scalable hardware and software architecture of the COMPREC system, it is possible to design and implement specialized aerial correspondence recorders. Unlike traditional recorders, they can support much more specific communication protocols, use various interfaces and simultaneously record not only audio but also video signals.

The systems are built taking into account the teletechnical and operating conditions specific to the aviation facilities handled and are integrated with the user infrastructure to the extent required for the particular location.

The modular hardware and software architecture allows to build dedicated systems tailored to the requirements and operating conditions of specific aviation services, e.g. air traffic controllers, air service operating centers, airport fire brigade, or crisis management services.

The functionality of the software takes into account the nature of work and allows for quick access to the entire correspondence recorded on many channels. Aerial correspondence recorders provide users with additional tools to effectively listen to recordings even if they have interference inherent to the source of the signal, to synchronously replay the correspondence during operations, and to prepare documentation for control or evidence purposes.  

At the same time, for the solutions implemented in aviation it is possible to ensure a maximum level of reliability and safety through the use of mechanisms that are available for the COMPREC systems. 

Depending on the needs and requirements of the project, aerial correspondence recorders may work as stand-alone units and/or be integrated with other devices within the extensive infrastructure, including, for example, making the collected documentation available to designated central or supervisory centres.