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SIM Ltd. is an independent Polish technology company specializing in the design and production of solutions integrating the latest electronic and IT technologies.  Based exclusively on Polish capital, we have been operating continuously since 1992. The main area of our research and development projects is the implementation in consumer products of the latest technologies related to analysis, processing and archiving of data. Experience gained during 27 years of conducting business on the Polish and foreign markets, including the consistent use in our solutions of the latest global technological achievements in the area of cyber security, gives our Clients a guarantee of the quality of the products supplied, and the use of the best design, construction & IT, production and implementation practices during the fulfilment of orders. 
Our market approach is unique. Full flexibility both in hardware and software design ensures that our systems can be suited to each Client’s individual needs. Technological potential and human capital constitute a base for undertaking individual projects in the field of design and production of electronics and IT solutions to individual order. We design and effectively implement solutions designed in cooperation with our Clients. 
We take part in many development programmes and research projects. Our unique approach to Clients, technology, design and product vision has been recognised and rewarded many times in competitions that support the culture of innovation. We hold the title of the Regional Leader of Innovation and Development.  
  • The portfolio of products we have developed and offer includes, among others:
  • Digital telephone and radio call recorders, IP data recorders, aerial correspondence recorders,
  • Dedicated consoles for wireless communication management in digital systems,
  • Vehicle tracking systems for special services,
  • Telemetric systems,
  • Building automation systems and control systems in individual buildings, offices, warehouses, public buildings,
  • Alerting systems for the monitored teletechnical/information infrastructure,
  • Power and temperature monitoring systems in server rooms.
Our Clients, in Poland and abroad, are: Banks, Brokerage Offices, Financial Institutions, Insurance Companies, Investment Funds, Telemarketing Companies, Medical Rescue Units, Uniformed Services, Telecom Operators, Mines, Steelworks, Power Plants, Gas Works, Refineries, Waterworks, Airports, Shipyards, Security Companies and many others.
In order to meet the needs of our Clients, we make sure that our resources and the technologies used meet the highest quality standards. All design, production and service processes are subject to cyclical, rigorous quality audits. Spółka Inżynierów SIM Sp. z o.o holds the Quality Management System Certificate ISO 9001:2018.

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